David Bibiyan's first band started in 2002, when we was 12 years old - in his hometown Los Angeles, CA - after his first few shows, he decided to manufacture merchandise for his band in 2004. That is where his first experience with manufacturing & custom printing came into play.

        After 2006, the band had been officially split up, due to medical conditions from one member, and the relocation for work for another - The band found itself unable to no longer perform / meet together for practice.

        David decided to go solo around 2007, with his first album "The Fake Castle" - along with his second album "Time & Space" He has performed at several shows with his solo project. A  bunch of his old material, is uploaded somewhere on YouTube / online still.

         After David's two albums, he put his music on the shelf to focus on his manufacturing company & apparel company. One day when he was at work, he realized where his deepest and original inspiration came from. So he picked his guitar back up, gave it some new strings, a clean down - And decided to drop his third Solo album "Open The Gate" set to release on April 2nd, 2023 @ 1AM Pacific Standard  Time.

       That is where his official website (DavidBibiyan.com) comes into play - A central hub for all of David Bibiyan's endeavors and projects, compacted into this one website.

       Peace & Love,

David Bibiyan